Grosse Pointe Theatre – The Producers

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When: Thursday, May 14th 2015 – Social Hour 5:00pm Dinner at 6:30pm and Play at 8:00pm.

Where: Grosse Pointe War Memorial


Theatre: (313) 881-4004  ($20)

Dinner: (313) 881-7511 ($22)

Flash Mob Alert…Big changes this year for the Chrysler Management Club and Grosse Pointe Theatre. This year, The Producers, our annual dinner theater event at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. Now! Buy your tickets directly from the Grosse Pointe Theater Box office (313) 881-4004 Tell them you want the Chrysler Management Club Discount and you pay only $20 per ticket. Then! Call the Grosse Pointe War Memorial (313) 881-7511 telling them you want the served Dinner at $22. New! Use your Charge cards. No Checks, No waiting for Tickets. New for 2015.

Prelude: You can no longer bring your own bottle. A cash bar will be available. Enjoy appetizers and converse with other Chrysler Management Club members in the Crystal Ballroom.

Dinner is $22 and is served in the ballroom with a view of the lake and grounds and then its downstairs to the Fries Auditorium for the Grosse Pointe Theatre Production of The Producers. Chicken or Beef options will be available, best information I have now…

Play: The Producers: You know it is Mel Brooks at his best.

The Cost: $42 per person ($20 Theater Ticket, $22 Served Dinner. You must order both to get both!) Please call the Grosse Pointe Theater on (313) 881-4004 for Theater Tickets and then call the Grosse Pointe War Memorial on (313) 881-7511 to purchase the dinner (see all the work I did for you in the past?) no pre-printed name tags. No special seating in the theater.

Questions or Trouble shooting only: John McMullin ( (248) 705-4952

Date of the event: Thursday, May 14, 2015. Tickets will be mailed from the Theater Box Office. Order as soon as possible…


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